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Mark Parenteau

  Mark Parenteau


    Of the rock 'n' roll personalities interviewed below, only some of them were clients of Long View Farm, the recording studio. Three of them (at this writing) are dead.  The interviews were conducted by Mark Parenteau, the Boston-based iconic radio DJ, and a long-time supporter of the countryside studio.  Mark carefully preserved the tapes over all these years, and recently provided them to Studiowner for streaming publication on the internet.
    The tapes have been edited.  The "SuperMark" audio logo was created by Jesse Henderson.

       Frank Zappa: Mark Parenteau Interview, WABX-Detroit 1973 
            The Big Note: a metaphysical theory dressed up for the circus.

       John Lennon: Mark Parenteau Interview, WABX-Detroit 1974
            Deportation proceedings, Walls and Bridges, flying saucers, and
            "the lost weekend".

       Arlo Guthrie, Governor Michael Dukakis:
            Mark Parenteau Interview, WCOZ-Boston 1976

       John Belushi: Mark Parenteau Interview, WBCN 12/1978
            Powders at midday, listening to Keith Richards.

       Pete Wolf: WBCN 13th Birthday Party, 1981.
            Woofer Goofer talk with George Jessel and Mark Parenteau.

       Joe Perry: Mark Parenteau Interview, WBCN 03/07/1983
            What "other group?"  There's only the Joe Perry Project.

       Little Richard: Mark Parenteau Interview, WBCN  ca., 1983.
            No more drugs. Jesus instead.

       Steven Tyler: Mark Parenteau Interview, WBCN  08/28/1986
            The "other group," called  Aerosmith.  Done with Mirrors

       Yoko Ono: Mark Parenteau Interview, WBCN 1/18/1990
             Ten years after Lennon's death, basking in reflected light and
             claiming otherwise.

       Pete Wolf: Mark Parenteau Interview, WBCN 10/27/1993
            Creating songs in airplanes, Bruce Springsteen, early 'BCN.
             Playback requires a (free) RealOne Player.

   That Arlo interview is a mind blower for me.  It has not been heard by anyone since the day it aired, some 30 years ago. These tapes: it's like finding a "holy grail" of rock 'n' roll. To bad Mike D wasn't elected president; then we would have had something even better.
    Here's how the Little Richard interview came to pass.  My friend Ben Edmonds was visiting me from L.A . He was a guy from Wellesley who I met when he was a staff writer for Creem Magazine in Detroit. We had the TV on and  Five All Night was saying that Little Richard was in Boston to speak at a church school in Roxbury and was going to be on the show that night. We immediately decided to go over to TV5 and get him to sign some albums, etc.  He had not been in public for quite a while and we wanted to seize the moment. When we arrived he was getting out of a cab with his young assistant Eddie. We went right up to him and made friends and he asked us to come in with him to the show. Later, after they where done, we asked him if he needed a ride back to Boston and he was very pleased to accept. He was staying at the Sheraton in the Prudential center. During the ride we begged him to come on my show on 'BCN the next day; he finally said "Yes!"  So the next day we sent somebody to go get him and, as you heard, got a very exclusive interview back at the station.  Because of his state of mind at the time regarding his church and preaching I was able to get him to talk about the things he had done: drugs, more drugs, Jesus, and so forth.  Never since have I heard him be quite so candid about things.
    About Belushi:  John had not yet gone for his "rehab" Blues Brothers mix session at Long View, and we had all taken a bit of "refreshment" before turning the mikes on.  Everyone was wired, and it sounds that way.
    This is like watching a movie I starred in and forgot all about 'till now!    M.P.

 All original material copyright © Gilbert Scott Markle. All rights reserved.