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Long View Staff

Joanne Barnard

Joanne Barnard

      Substitute   Willie H. Wilson, 1977.  Joanne Barnard, vocals. Arranged    and produced by Gil Markle. Engineered by Jesse Henderson and Gil    Markle at Long View Farm, 1978.

   Note: Substitute had an obscure and largely ignored birth in the mid-nineteen seventies at the hands of the      Righteous Brothers.     Clout, an all-girl band from South Africa, had a major hit with the tune in Europe in 1977 and early 1978. The Joanne Barnard version of the song captioned above came in second, with a great deal of grass-roots radio airplay in the U.S. Other runner-up cover versions were offered by the Frenchwoman     Sylvie Vartan, and by Disco's own     Gloria Gaynor.

      Brahms' Lullaby   Johannes Brahms. Ca., 1868. Jeff Lass, piano;     Joanne Barnard, vocals. Arranged and produced by Jeff Lass and Gil     Markle. Engineered by Jesse Henderson and Gil Markle at Long View     Farm, 1980.

       Boys and Girls
       Record Pirate
       Fill Me Up
       I Can't Sleep Alone
       Second Time Around
       Walk Right Back
       Play My Song
       Goin' Up the Bridge
       Wound Up

       WBCN Boston Sunday Review, J. Barnard, G. Markle, 12_23_1979.

       WBCN Boston Sunday Review, J. Barnard, G. Markle, 12_23_1979.
            Don't Break My Heart

       WBCN Boston Sunday Review, J. Barnard, G. Markle, 12_23_1979.
            Fire and Rain

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